Sleep Disorder Clinics

Sleep disorder clinics are now available around Queensland.

Sleep disorder clinics, serving patients with sleep disordered breathing conditions such as snoring and sleep apnoea, are now available around Queensland.

Our sleep disorder clinics focus exclusively on the professional diagnosis and treatment of sleep disoders related to disturbed or interrupted breathing during sleep. 

Our unique sleep disorder clinic service means patients no longer need to visit and stay in a hospital based sleep-clinic environment in order to undgergo a diagnostic sleep study, the first step in professional diagnosis and treatment.

Instead, our sleep disorder clinics come to you.  One of our trained nurses can deliver an advanced portable diagnostic recorder to your home or office at a time that suits you.  They will provide a full demonstration of how to use the equipment and leave you with detailed instructions, in book and DVD format.  Fitting the equipment is simple.

The diagnostic recorder will be collected the following morning and the recorded data will be dispatched to a specialist independent sleep physician who will diagnose your condition and prescribe an appropriate form of treatment.

Our sleep disorder clinics are then able to assist with you treatment, again often in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

For patients who require oral appliance therapy, a referral will be provided to an expert dentist who has been specially trained in the delivery of this form of treatment.  For patients who require CPAP, our nurses can deliver all necessary equipment to your home.

More importantly, our sleep disorder clinic nurses will continue working with you until you have been successfully treated.  Our sleep disorder clinic staff don't just sell you a machine and leave it to you to work out.  Instead, they will check regularly to ensure you're getting the best results possible.  If necessary, this includes trialling different CPAP machines, different masks, different humidification systems, different head straps and much more.  Quite simply, by the time our sleep disorder clinic staff has finished working with you, you will be a fully compliant and successfully treated patient.

Don't delay.  The health and wellbeing you'll experience are profoundly better than you're currently experienicing.  Effective treatment is just a small step away.  Contact us today by calling 1300 246 637 for a free, no obligation chat with one of the nurses from our sleep disorder clinic -- or complete the contact form below.     

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