Sleep Studies In Brisbane

Patients seeking sleep studies in Brisbane can now arrange to have the sleep study done 'in home' rather than in a hospital-based setting, thus minimising the cost, waiting time and discomfort associated with hospital-based studies. 

Advanced portable diagnostic sleep study recorders are used to monitor every facet of your sleep.  Brain activity (including levels of sleep), heart activity, blood oxygen levels, breathing stoppages, limb movement, sleeping position and much more are all monitored and recorded.

The diagnostic sleep study recorder will be delivered to your home at a convenient time by a nurse who will fit the recorder and demonstrate how to use it.  You can then either wear the recorder for the balance of the afternoon / evening, or take it off and replace it before going to bed.  A detailed DVD and full colour step-by-step booklet makes it extremely easy to fit the recorder properly.

The recorder will be collected the next morning and your data will be downloaded and sent to a specialist sleep physician who will diagnose the nature and severity of your condition and prescribe an appropriate form of treatment. 

One of the key advantages of portable or in-home sleep studies is that patients generally enjoy a more ‘typical’ night’s sleep than would have been the case if they had needed to spend the night in a strange bed and foreign lab environment.

Most of the cost of the sleep study is covered by Medicare.  To arrange a sleep study anywhere around Brisbane, call 1300 246 637 today to discuss your situation or click here to complete an online booking.    

Book an In-Home Sleep Study

Data from the recorders is downloaded and interpreted by specialist independent sleep physicians 

 A comprehensive report on the sleep study, including analysis and diagnosis by a specialist sleep physician, is normally completed within two weeks.The patient’s primary healthcare practitioner is provided with a copy of this report, along with all other relevant case notes.

In cases where the portable sleep diagnostic recorder identifies significant issues (particularly in relation to the function of the heart) then a full (attended) polysomnogram in a sleep laboratory is normally required – but the portable units are sufficient in the majority of cases.

This means waiting times are reduced, the cost of diagnosis is minimized, and prompt treatment minimizes the risk of the patient developing more serious or costly health issues, such as hypertension or stroke.