Sleep Study - The First Step To Healthy Sleep

A Sleep Study is an important first step in developing a proper understanding of whether you have a sleep disorder. 

A sleep study, otherwise known as a diagnostic sleep study or polysomnogram is primarily used to check for sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea / sleep apnea.  The sleep study can also be used to determine the nature and reason for night terrors.  insomnia and other conditions such as narcolepsy.

Home Sleep Studies make it easier than ever before...

In the past, a sleep study needed to be performed in a hospital-based 'attended' setting, where sleep technicians monitored you throughout the night.  While these attended studies are still sometimes necessary, home sleep studies are becoming more and more accepted as effective diagnostic tools.  Home sleep studies are fitted to the patient in the comfort and privacy of their own home.  While asleep, the home sleep study recorders braind and heart activity, limb movement, sleeping position, blood oxygen levels, levels of sleep, breathing patterns and stoppages ... and much more. 

The sleep study results are then reviewed by a specialist sleep physician.  This expert physician will perform a detailed sleep study interpretation which diagnoses the condition and prescribes and appropriate form of treatment. 

In simple cases of 'sleep disordered breathing' such as snoring, treatment is often by oral appliance therapy.  In more severe cases, treatment may require CPAP or surgical intervention.  The good news is, whichever form of sleep disorder you have, an effective treatment exists for it.

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