Sleep Study Options

A Sleep Study Is A Critically Important Diagnostic Tool

A sleep study, otherwise known as a 'diagnostic sleep study' or 'polysomnogram' is a critically important tool for determining the nature and severity of a patient's sleep disorders.

A sleep study can be performed in an 'attended' setting, typically in a hospital based sleep unit, where trained sleep scientists observe the patient throughout the night.  Alternatively, and increasingly commonly, the diagnostic sleep study can be done with a portable diagnostic recorder.

Sleep studies can now be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.These state of the art portable recorders mean patients can do a sleep study in the comfort and privacy of their own bedroom. 

Apart from being less daunting and less expensive, these a sleep study at home also provides a more typical sleeping environment for the sleep study to be conducted in.

High quality recorders monitor brainwave activity, cardiac activity, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns and stoppages, limb movements, sleeping position and much more.  The recorded data is then downloaded and provided to specialist, independent sleep physicians who diagnose the condition and prescribe an appropriate form of treatment. 

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