A Sleep Study At Home

A sleep study at home is now possible, using advanced portable diagnostic recorders

At home sleep studies were not possible until recently.  Until then, sleep studies (or 'polysomnograms') could only be performed in a hospital-based 'attended' setting, where a sleep scientist or technician would set up the recording equipment and monitor you during the night.  Not surprisingly, many people found it difficult to experience a normal or comfortable night's sleep in this setting.

New portable diagnostic technology means people in Brisbane can now have an sleep study at home, in the comfort and privacy of their own bedroom.  A specially trained sleep therapist will deliver the equipment to your home at a convenient time and show you how to fit it.  After sleeping with the diagnostic recorder overnight, the recorder will be collected and the data downloaded.  A specialist sleep physician will analyse the data (covering heart activity, brain activity, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns and stoppages, sleeping positions, limb movements and much more) then diagnose your condition and prescribe an appropriate form of treatment.

In Australia, most of the cost of the diagnostic sleep study is covered by Medicare.

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