Where To Get A Sleep Study in Queensland

Getting a sleep study in Queensland is easy.

The recent introduction of advanced portable diagnostic technology means sleep studies no longer need to be done in a hospital-based environment.  Instead, you can make an appointment for a nurse to visit you at your home or work.  The equipment will be explained and demonstrated -- and if it's late at night, it can even be left on you so you're ready to go straight to bed. 

You then enjoy a normal night's sleep in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom.  The next morning, the recorder will be collected and the data will be downloaded and sent to a specialist sleep physician for review.  The sleep physician will diagnose your condition and prescribe the most appropriate form of treatment.  These results and recommendations will be explained to you, and provided to your GP.

Really, it couldn't be easier -- so, if you snore or know someone who does, or if you suspect someone might be suffering from a more severe form of sleep disorder such as sleep apnoea, call us today on 1300 246 637 or contact us via the form below to arrange an appointment.

Medicare covers most of the cost of the study, so don't delay.  Contact us today.

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