Worried You Might Have Sleep Apnea?

Now You Can Get Your Medicare-Rebated Diagnostic Sleep Study
In The Privacy, Comfort And Convenience Of Your Own Bed

Think you might have sleep apnoea? Watch this video:

"A ‘Must See’ for any persistent snorer."
- Chris Bunney, Senior Sleep Scientist, RPSGT

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) conditions are never a good thing.

Even snoring, the mildest form of SDB, is a loud clear signal your airflow is impaired while you sleep.

If you are a persistent, loud snorer it's likely your SDB condition is worse than just snoring. You can assess yourself with the free screening tests, below.

If you do need a sleep study, the good news is: Getting a diagnostic sleep study is no longer an expensive, unpleasant, time-consuming hassle.

At Sleep Clinic Services, there’s no need for a preliminary consultation with a specialist Sleep Physician (unless there are special circumstances, or you want one).

No need for a visit to a ‘site’ for fitting of the diagnostic equipment (which you then have to wear for the rest of the day and until the next morning).

And no spending a night in a strange bed and unnatural sleep environment, trying to have a normal night's sleep. (Otherwise, how good can the diagnosis be?)

Now, instead, your sleep study can be done in the convenience and comfort of your own home, using a portable diagnostic recorder, delivered to your door.

Here's why you might need one...


Is A Sleep Study Really Necessary?

2019-06-06_1156Not always.  Some issues can be assessed through basic screening. Three free screening tools are provided below.

For complex conditions an ‘attended’ study in a sleep lab or clinic, with a Sleep Technologist monitoring you throughout the night, is normally required.  If you need this type of diagnostic, we can help you arrange one.

For most others, a home-based diagnostic sleep study is the ideal balance between capturing the necessary diagnostic data, while minimising patient discomfort, travel and expense.

The diagnostic sleep studies we provide are particularly well suited to ‘sleep disordered breathing’ (SDB) sufferers.

As the name suggests, SDB is a range of conditions where the sufferer’s airflow is impaired while they sleep.  

While asleep, the soft tissue of the upper airway (the tongue, uvula, soft palate and pharyngeal walls) collapse and disturb or completely obstruct the sufferer's airflow.


This leads to reduced blood oxygen levels, higher levels of carbon dioxide, and frequent 'micro arousals' as the sympathetic nervous system stirs the person to get them breathing properly again.

Most SDB sufferers are unaware of their condition - because it occurs while they're asleep. The frequent 'micro arousals' are usually so brief the person has no conscious awareness of them happening. This is why SDB sufferers often wake feeling tired - because they haven't had a full night of quality sleep. They’ve actually had many dozens or even hundreds of short naps instead.

Snoring is at the mild end of the SDB spectrum. While snoring is very common (roughly 1 in 3 Australian adults snore) it is certainly not normal or healthy.

The snoring sound is caused by the soft tissue of the upper airway vibrating as air passes through the constricted airway.

Snoring is therefore a loud, clear signal your airflow is impaired.That is never a good thing.

Simple snoring is usually easily resolved.  At the more serious end of the SDB scale is ‘obstructive sleep apnoea’ (OSA).

‘Apnoea’ is the Greek word for ‘without breath’. As the name suggests, obstructive sleep apnoea occurs when the sufferer’s airway collapses and obstructs breathing.

The free screening tests, below, will help you decide whether you need a diagnostic sleep study.


Are Home Sleep Studies Covered By Medicare?

It depends.  Diagnostic sleep studies are an expensive test and so Medicare imposes strict eligibility criteria.

A generous Medicare rebate does apply for people who are suspected of having a serious SDB condition.

You can assess your eligibility by completing the self-assessment tests below.

If you get a high score using these screening tools, a diagnostic sleep study is usually advisable.  Our Care Team will help you determine whether this applies in your case. Either way, we’ll be happy to help you with whatever you need.

If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for your sleep study, our portable diagnostic recorders meet all of the criteria for a home-based study.  

Many leading hospitals and Sleep Physicians use the same diagnostic equipment.  Medicare pays a generous rebate (over $300) for sleep studies at this level.

Screening devices attract no Medicare rebate.


What Is Involved In Doing An In-Home Sleep Study?

Sleep_Study_Setup_Full_edited-1You contact us. We will pretty much look after the rest.   

After confirming we are able to give you the care you need, we will talk you through the Medicare screening procedure and generate the necessary referral documentation for you to take to your GP for signature. (A GP referral is necessary for Medicare coverage.)

If you don't have a regular doctor, we can provide the details of several online GPs who provide referrals over the phone.

If you already have a referral for a sleep study, you can simply fax or photograph and email your referral to us.

We will then arrange for the delivery of a diagnostic unit to your home on the day you choose for your sleep study.

Your assigned Sleep Therapist will be in touch to make sure everything is set up properly … and then you simply follow your normal nightly routine.  

Take all of your usual medications. Eat when you normally do, and have a drink or two if that is your usual routine.

In order to get the best possible recording of how you typically sleep … you need to sleep typically.  Home-based sleep studies are obviously ideal for this very reason.

When you are ready, go to bed. The diagnostic unit will begin recording once you fall asleep. It’s as simple as that.

As soon as we receive the recorder back (in the Express delivery satchel we provide) the recorded data will be scored by a Sleep Scientist and a formal diagnosis and prescription will be provided by a specialist Sleep & Respiratory Physician.

Importantly, both the reporting scientist and Sleep Physician are completely independent of Sleep Clinic Services. You can therefore be confident your diagnosis and treatment recommendations really are the best for you.


"The best way to do a sleep study, for sure, and the results have been startling."

- Louise Child


Your in-home diagnostic sleep study will monitor and record:

- Your brain activity.

Sleep disorders impact on the quality of sleep you get. Instead of experiencing regular periods of deep, restorative slow wave and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, people with sleep disorders often remain in the earlier, lighter stages where the brain is still highly active.

- Your cardiac activity

SDB interferes with breathing, which impacts on blood oxygenation. As your blood oxygen levels drop, your heart works harder to distribute the remaining oxygen around your system. Over time, this leads to ischaemic heart disease.

- Your breathing patterns and stoppages.

In severe OSA cases, people stop breathing while asleep for over a minute at a time. This typically occurs after exhalation, which most people would not be able to tolerate if awake. Going without breath for that long puts significant strain on your body, regardless of whether you are awake or asleep. If anything, it is worse while asleep because there is no conscious awareness of the problem and therefore no ability to control it. Most OSA sufferers are unaware of their condition.

- Your blood oxygen levels.

At least 90% blood oxygen is considered safe and healthy. Severe OSA sufferers have blood oxygen levels as low as 70%, which is extremely unhealthy / life threatening.

- Your sleeping position.

Sleeping positions are generally described as prone (on your stomach), lateral (on your side) or supine (on your back) and most people move through these positions during the night. Your sleep study will monitor your sleep positions and determine which are best and worst for you. Sometimes a change to sleeping position can be enough to resolve an issue, and there are specific ways to achieve this.

- Your limb movement.

Sensors attached to your feet will monitor your leg movement while you sleep. Twitching, jerking legs are a common result of SDB. It is part of the body’s way of waking you so you start breathing again.

- and much more.


Unlike other sleep study providers, we will give you a complete and very detailed report explaining everything about the findings, and a copy will be provided to your referring doctor (if you wish) at no cost.

You'll be surprised at how much your study finds – and your assigned Sleep Therapist will explain everything to you in detail, in person, and in 'plain English' instead of confusing medical terminology.

If you wish, you can have a family member or a friend present to ask questions.

Again if you wish, subject to your doctor’s availability, this can also be done with your doctor through a teleconference call.  

You will then be able to discuss your condition with your doctor with a clear understanding about the nature of your condition.

You will not be required to travel to an appointment with a Sleep Physician, unless you desire one.


What Makes Sleep Clinic Services Your Best Choice?

adsvOver the past decade Sleep Clinic Services has been a pioneer and leader in the field of user-friendly diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing conditions.

Our leadership comes from the fact that we are dedicated to making the diagnosis of SDB easier. The current system (Option 2, above) is slow, expensive and unpleasant.

There is no need for it to be that way. For most people, there is no need for a preliminary consultation with a Sleep Physician, nor an overnight stay in a clinical facility.  

So we built a better system. Now, instead of requiring you to get to the technology, we get the technology to you.

We’ve been motivated to do that because our founders and the majority of our team members are OSA sufferers.

Our experience of diagnosis and treatment (long ago when patient-friendly options did not exist) spurred our determination to make things better.


We Know What You Are Going Through!

We've been through it ourselves.  We know all about the impacts SDB can have on your health, wellbeing and relationships...

 Waking tiredness                                              Lack of energy
 Daytime sleepiness                                           Morning headaches  
 Sleepy driving                                                    Moodiness
 Low mood                                                           Chronic acid reflux                            
 Reduced cognitive function                             Frequent night time urination
 Slow metabolism and weight gain                  Sleep deprived partner
 High blood pressure                                          Separate room sleeping arrangements

We also know, first hand, that treatment is extremely effective at resolving or contributing to the successful treatment of these conditions.

So getting you a good diagnostic result and clear path forward is our prime objective.

We've now helped literally thousands of people get their Medicare-rebated sleep studies done in the privacy, comfort and convenience of their own bedroom.  Interestingly, many of our patients are ‘refugees’ from mainstream sleep labs where their sleep study failed, due to lack of sleep.

Our Sleep Therapists have been where you are right now:  Undiagnosed and thinking this might be something you’re suffering from, without even knowing it.

There’s one sure way to find out...

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What People Say About Us

What we say about Sleep Clinic Services doesn’t really count for much.

The far better measure is what patients say about the care we give them...


"For quite some time now I have suffered from Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea without even realising it. Thanks to Robyn and the team at Sleep Clinic Services, my life has completely changed around in a matter of weeks!

My sleep is so much more restful and my boss, colleagues, Personal Trainer and family have all commented on multiple occasions about my increased energy levels, improved concentration, and above all, happiness. My Acid Reflux has also disappeared entirely.

I recommend anyone who suspects they have sleep issues to contact Sleep Clinic Services, your life will be changed in ways you can't imagine."

-David Smith


"The ease and comfort of being able to have a Sleep Study in my own home and surroundings, like it’s just another day,  was very comforting.  I am sure I would not have slept as well in a hospital bed with someone else's pillow!

The results of my Home Sleep Study were very prompt and explained to me in great detail, in 'plain English' as promised. All my questions were answered and all my concerns were dealt with in a very helpful and supportive way.

The Sleep Clinic Services team is very friendly and helpful, I am so happy to have found them!"

- Belinda Skinner


"After many health problems I decided it was time to get serious about my health. I phoned Sleep Clinic Services and was excited to begin my journey.  Once I met my Sleep Therapist, who is absolutely fantastic and encouraging, I knew that this was going to be a great thing for my health and my life overall.

I now tell my friends and family to call Sleep Clinic Services and improve your health, your quality of life and your relationships!

I cannot thank Sleep Clinic Services and my Sleep Therapist enough for making my journey easy and stress free and I know I am on the way to improving my health and quality of life."

-  Elizabeth Hall


"I am writing this letter to thank you personally for all the help and amazing support since I first contacted you to discuss my sleep apnoea condition. 

To say that you have helped me and that your support has been professional would be like saying the view from Mt Everest is 'good'!

You are quite frankly amazing and I believe that you have literally saved my life!"

-  Michael Hicks


"So easy and it's done at my own home. The whole experience with the Sleep Clinic Services staff was great."

-  Glenn Robertson


Our Patient Satisfaction Rating Is Over 93% And Our Google Rating Is 5 Stars Google-Customer-Reviews4.9


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By way of comparison, other sleep study providers get scores like this:

competitor reviews

For most people, there is simply no need or reason to travel to a Sleep Physician and then return to stay overnight in a sleep lab.

Your Medicare-rebated diagnostic sleep study can be performed in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Don't put it off any longer. Getting a sleep study in your own bed is remarkably easy - and it is a vital first step toward enjoying better sleep, health and wellbeing.

We've helped thousands of men and women, aged from 18 to 93, of all shapes and sizes, all around Australia - from capital cities through to mining camps and remote rural properties.

We know how to make this process easy for you.

Our Care Team will go out of their way to help you avoid the delays, travel, wasted time, unnecessary expenses and frustrations which so many others experience.

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Our Guarantee To You...

At Sleep Clinic Services, we treat you as a person, not a 'case'.  So getting you a good diagnostic result on the first attempt is our mission.

That's why we literally guarantee our in-home sleep studies will deliver a successful diagnostic report.  If the Sleep Scientist or Sleep Physician consider it necessary, for any reason, we will perform another sleep study for you at no charge.

No other sleep study provider offers to do this.


  "I previously had a sleep study in (Name removed) hospital but the strange noises and environment kept me from sleeping properly and so the study was a failure. A complete waste of time and money. I'm glad I learned about your in home sleep studies otherwise I would still be undiagnosed and untreated...

After being referred to a different service by my doctor, and being totally dissatisfied, I can say that you guys far surpass the competition."

-  Shane Alexander


scs partnersConducting first class home based sleep studies is our core business, not merely a sideline or money making use of a bed.

And making sleep studies available to people who don't have the time, money, ability or inclination to get to a hospital or sleep clinic is our particular expertise.  

We care for people all around Australia, from capital cities through to mining camps and remote rural properties.

That's why we're a preferred supplier to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

it's the reason we've been accredited as training providers for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

And it's the reason why many leading companies choose us for sleep studies associated with the health and safety of their employees. 

If you do have a significant form of sleep disordered breathing, your diagnostic sleep study will identify this in amazing detail.

Armed with that information, you’ll be completely clear on what your issues and options are.

If you'd like to ask some questions or have a chat with one of our Sleep Therapists, call during business hours on 1300 246 637 or fill in the contact form and we'll call you back at a convenient time.  

We'll be happy to give you whatever information you're looking for, at no cost and totally obligation free.

Sleep disordered breathing is completely treatable and the benefits are extraordinarily positive. Your body, your central nervous system, your heart and your partner will all thank you for it.


Don't Delay!

If you have SDB it's harming you.  The sooner you do something about it, the sooner you'll stop the harm and begin reversing the damage.  The sooner you'll be sleeping properly and waking refreshed.

At the very least, living with sleep disordered breathing is like driving with the handbrake on.

Release the brakes and you can soon be enjoying better health, wellbeing and relationships as a natural consequence.

Arrange Your Sleep Study Now

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