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Debunking Common Myths About

Debunking Common Myths About Sleep Apnea

Loud snoring, daytime fatigue, headaches, and disrupted sleep… sound familiar? Many people, both young and old, suffer from snoring and at least 1 in 3 Australian adults snore regularly.  

The problem is that most don’t realise their snoring is itself a loud, clear signal that their airflow is impaired. 

That alone is bad enough, but there’s an even bigger problem. Loud, persistent snoring is a ‘red flag’ indicator for a serious underlying issue: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). 

OSA is a condition where the sufferer stops breathing repeatedly while asleep. This serious medical condition affects roughly 1 in 5 Australian adults. 

Worryingly, there are many common misconceptions about sleep apnea, with many people actively denying that they could be victims. So, let’s separate fact from fiction, and get you on the path to healthier sleep.

Myth: Sleep Apnea and Snoring are the Same Thing

No, snoring and sleep apnea are not the same thing! In our society, we’ve characterised snoring as normal, funny (when dad does it), or cute when our kids do it. 

The sound of snoring is literally the sound of your body dragging breath through your airway, and can be linked to OSA, which ultimately leads to oxygen deprivation.

Myth: Sleep Apnea Only Affects Overweight People

It’s not about appearances when it comes to sleep apnea. The reality of it is that yes, excessive weight can be a contributing factor to OSA, but sleep apnea can affect individuals of any weight and body type. 

So even if you are skinny, or lean and strong, you could still be a victim of this hidden threat. In fact, even many athletes suffer from OSA.

Myth: Sleep Apnea is Harmless

To put it plainly, OSA is a potentially life-threatening condition that should never be ignored due to its laundry list of severe health impacts. 

Over time, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart issues, depression and anxiety, dementia and stroke.

Myth: Only Old People Suffer from Sleep Apnea

Unfortunately, sleep apnea doesn’t care about age, so don't assume you're safe just because you're not wearing reading glasses yet. 

Although more common amongst older generations, OSA can affect people of all ages, including children. In kids, this is often related to enlarged tonsils or adenoids.

Myth: Sleep Apnea Can't Be Treated

In fact, there are numerous treatment methods available. The first port of call is usually a breathing device, such as a CPAP machine, but there are also various lifestyle changes that help treat sleep apnea.

What is true, is that many people don’t follow through with treatment and therefore don’t see results. This is why Sleep Clinic Services supports patients with superior post-diagnosis care and provides a successful treatment guarantee.

Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea

Treating OSA unlocks a whole bunch of well-known health benefits. Patients using our ‘Sleep.Easy’ service routinely report sleeping (and feeling!) better than ever before, feeling refreshed and energised, and seeing a massive improvement in overall well-being. 

Getting a quality nights’ sleep is life-changing - it’s even helped some of our patients achieve weight loss goals, and relieve sinus issues.

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