Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Sleep apnea diagnosis is a vital step toward effective treatment. So, it's essential to get it right. The appropriate diagnostic method for your potential sleep apnea condition depends on your current individual circumstances.

Offline Screening

Simple offline tests are an excellent starting point when first investigating a potential sleep apnea condition. Simple screening does not replace the need for a professional sleep study but it will indicate whether you should consider progressing to a more robust diagnostic method.

Screening can occur during a GP appointment, conducted by phone with a reputable sleep health provider such as Sleep Clinic Services, or conveniently online using our unique, scientifically validated Sleep Apnea Risk Profile.

When completing our 5-minute quiz, be sure to answer all questions as accurately as possible. In a few clicks, you'll know your sleep apnea risk profile and receive next-step recommendations. 

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Sleep Study (Polysomnogram)

A diagnostic sleep study (polysomnogram or PSG) accurately determines the presence, nature and severity of sleep apnea.

Your brain and heart activity, breathing patterns and stoppages, blood oxygen levels, limb movement and more are recorded while you sleep.

Accurate sleep study diagnostic data ensures the best treatment prescription.  This diagnostic method is recognised by insurers and Medicare, attracting a government rebate for eligible people.

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Multichannel Screening

Multichannel screening can confirm the existence of sleep apnea condition, but it does not provide sufficient data to determine the type and severity of the condition.  As such, it does not replace the need for a professional sleep study, but it will indicate whether you should get a true diagnostic sleep study.

Multichannel screening devices record less data on fewer channels so are typically not recognised by Medicare and do not attract an insurance rebate.

However, multi channel recorders cost less than full diagnostic sleep studies.  

If you require either of these tests, we can help.

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