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Meet our dream team of Sleep Therapists and Care Coordinators

At Sleep Clinic Services, patient-centered care underpins everything we do:  from user-friendly diagnostics, to effective treatment.  Our welcoming team is passionate about getting you on the path to healthy sleep and will guide you through the entire process, providing you with the care you need, when you need it.

Nina's journey with SCS began in 2019, and since then she’s been driven by her passion for delivering top-notch care to our patients. Nina's all about health and well-being, and she thrives on helping people feel their best.

When it comes to tackling tasks, Nina's your go-to. Her exceptional skills shine through in the seamless experiences she provides to our patients.  Nina loves the outdoors, and you can often find her soaking up the beach with her family.  She is also a coffee lover and avid gardener.

Robyn has been a part of the SCS family since April 2008, and has built lasting connections and a wealth of knowledge along the way.  She is passionate about making a difference in our patients lives by helping them prevent the serious health consequences of obstructive sleep apnea.

As one of our longest serving team members, Robyn enjoys the fulfilment she gets from helping people, and her loyalty shines through the dedicated on-the-spot care that she provides our patients with. Robyn has a compassionate and dedicated nature, which extends to her role as a mum.  During her time off Robyn enjoys beach and bush walks, and spending time with her family and four-legged bestie, Buddy!

Annette joined the SCS team in May 2021. Her joy comes from assisting patients in getting the best possible start to their treatment journey. She is passionate about really connecting with our patients and with her empathetic and intuitive nature she helps deliver quality care and makes patients feel truly valued.

Outside of work, Annette's a nature and animal lover who enjoys spending her time outdoors with her Kelpie, tending to her garden, and finding serenity through meditation and yoga.

Darryn joined the SCS team in September 2020 and brings dedication to everything he does.  He takes pride in helping individuals rediscover their best lives, starting with the foundation of healthy sleep.  He is a stellar example of our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and ensuring our patients rediscover the joy of a good night's sleep.  Outside of work Darryn is an avid snowboarder and is quite the globetrotter, having lived in 16 different places!

Meet Julie, a cherished experienced member of the SCS team.  With a background in customer service and communications, Julie has a knack for seeing the world from different angles, which has equipped her to understand people's unique challenges and find real solutions for them.

A caring and empathic person by nature, Julie enjoys supporting our patients in getting the help they need, and which will make a real, positive impact to their lives.  When she isn’t working, Julie loves spending quality time with her family, and going on adventures around the country. She loves looking into what makes people tick, their stories and how they overcome life's obstacles. Someday in the near future she would like to write a book herself.

Since 2023 Courtney has been dedicated to helping our patients embark on the transformative journey of healthy sleep that enhances their lives. She's not just passionate about connecting with people; she's your friendly, approachable go-to person. Her adaptable and warm nature makes her easy to open up to and chat with.

She is an advocate of mental and physical health, and genuinely cares about guiding others toward living the life they truly deserve. Courtney is a firm believer in the power of kindness. She also loves spending time in the kitchen, creating delicious farm-to-table meals from local, fresh produce.

Meet Jess, who joined SCS in 2023. Jess's caring nature finds its perfect outlet in helping people, and her empathy and logical approach make her a true asset to the team.  

Outside of work, Jess's wanderlust knows no bounds - so it's no surprise that she's probably already planning her next exciting adventure. She's also a passionate foodie… Oh, and there's one more member of the family, her beloved pet rabbit, Sophie, who holds a special place in her heart

Since joining the SCS family in June 2023, Jenn has swiftly become an indispensable member of our team.  Jenn has a passion for helping others and she finds joy in supporting people as they manage their health, enabling them to attain the quality of life they truly deserve.  

Beyond work, Jenn's interests reflect her nurturing personality.  She has a deep love for gardening which provides her with therapeutic moments, as she finds solace and inspiration in nature.  Jenn's best quality, according to those who know her well, is her calming presence and her big heart. Her serene demeanour brings comfort to those around her, while her boundless compassion creates a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Nichola brings over 15 years of experience in customer service to the SCS family. Her passion for helping people feel heard and providing much-needed guidance shines through in her empathetic approach to patient care. Her dedication to fostering a welcoming atmosphere is evident in every interaction, making patients feel truly cared for and understood.

When she's not at work, you can find Nichola horse riding, baking delicious treats, or spending quality time with her family. Her love for animals and her warm, family-oriented spirit perfectly align with our values at SCS.

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