The Sleep Easy Framework

The help you need, when you need it.

We like to keep it easy, which is exactly what our unique Sleep Easy Framework does.

Say goodbye to overnight lab stays and visits to fitting sites.  We keep it fuss-free.  From free screening to at-home sleep studies to effective treatment, we are here to guide you towards reaching top-notch, healthy sleep.

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Early Risk Assessment
Early Diagnosis
Easy Consultation
  • Free, professionally recognised risk assessment.
  • 3 scientifically validated tests.
  • Risk results provided and explained during the call.
  • Get advice on a full range of options, if needed.
  • Free Medicare eligibility check.
  • All your questions answered
  • Medicare approved.
  • Delivered to your door.
  • Full diagnostic sleep study, not just a screening.
  • Recogised by health insurers and employers.
  • In your own bed, not in a sleep lab.
  • Independent specialist Sleep & Respiratory Physician report.
  • On call support.
  • Personal appointment with a Sleep Therapist.
  • By phone. No visit required.
  • Analysis and explanation of your diagnostic results, in detail and in plain English
  • All your questions answered
  • Honest guidance on your full range of options, including dental and surgical solutions
  • Tailored recommendations
Easy Treatment
Easy Optimisation
Easy Maintenance
  • Tailored equipment selection.
  • Delivered to your door
  • Custom setup of your sleep equipment in your normal sleep environment.
  • Extended warranty on key equipment
  • Snoring is dramatically reduced or eliminated within one week.
  • Apnea reduced by at least 50%.
  • Regular checks & updates on your progress.
  • Ongoing testing & optimising of equipment and settings.
  • Ongoing health monitoring & tailored advice to maximise the benefits of treatment.
  • Regular 1:1 telehealth consultations with your own Sleep Therapist.
  • Regular adjustments or recommendations to help you maximise comfort & effectiveness.
  • Money saving advice to minimise the need & expense of consumables.
  • Unlimited access to SCS team & resources to assist in managing your sleep issues.
  • Tailored advice to maximise the benefits of treatment.
  • Regular 1:1 sessions with your Sleep Therapist to ensure ongoing success.
  • Personalised recommendations to improve your health & wellbeing.
  • Detailed periodic updates for your doctor at no extra cost.
  • Timely reminders on important maintenance requirements. Never miss an important update.
  • Advice to greatly extend the life of your equipment.
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