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Sleep Clinic Services provide professionally recognised and Medicare approved sleep studies in the comfort and convenience of your own bed for best diagnostic results, anywhere in Australia.

We use advanced portable diagnostic equipment to monitor a wide range of sleep factors, including:

  • Your heart and brain activity
  • Your blood oxygen levels (which plummet during some sleep events)
  • Your breathing patterns and the number and duration of any stoppages
  • Your sleeping positions, arm and leg movements, and more.

Importantly, as a patient of Sleep Clinic Services, you do not need to visit a hospital or sleep lab to have the diagnostic sleep unit fitted. Instead, your sleep study unit will be delivered to you on a date you choose.  

The recorded data will be downloaded and sent to a sleep scientist and a specialist Sleep & Respiratory Physician for analysis.

A full copy of the Physician's report will be provided to you and your GP. It will identify the exact nature and severity of any sleep-disordered breathing condition you might have - ensuring a proper prescription for appropriate treatment, if necessary.

The full cost of your diagnostic sleep study is covered by Medicare. Your only out-of-pocket expense is for the clinical preparation fee, which covers:

  • Delivery and insurance costs to get the unit to and from your residence (other in-home providers require you travel to them for fitting)
  • Refurbishment of the diagnostic equipment
  • Replacement of 'consumables' used during your study such as electrodes, nasal cannulas, etc., 
  • Technical configuration of the equipment for your sleep study
  • Sleep data downloads, transfers and a one-on-one 'plain english' explanation of your results with a sleep therapist (other providers require you visit and pay sleep physician fees).

Apart from the obvious convenience of having the study at home instead of in a sleep lab, this clinical preparation fee is also often significantly cheaper than the lost time and costs associated with doing the study overnight in a sleep lab or hospital ward.

If you'd like to ask some questions or have a chat with one of our experts, you have three options:

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Either way, one of our sleep experts will call to answer your questions and give you whatever information you're looking for, no cost or obligation. If you wish, they can also do a free Sleep Disorder Screening for you. This free check will assess your sleep health and your eligibility for Medicare coverage.

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Great to deal with, very in depth and good explanations. Happy to help you work it all out!

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Great experience - Excellent communication and personal and professional service.

Mike Woodrow

I didn't know I really had sleep apnea and was surprised when the sleep test and report showed how badly my sleep was being affected.

Lorna Fleck

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