Asia-Pacific 2024 Stevie Awards 

'Excellence in Innovation in Healthcare'

Big News!  Sleep Clinic Services Earns Gold at the Stevie Business Excellence Awards

We’re excited to share that Sleep Clinic Services has been honoured as a Gold Stevie® Winner at the Stevie Business Excellence Awards.  

The Stevie Awards spotlight outstanding achievements in business.  After a two-month assessment process involving an international panel of 100 judges, the Sleep Clinic Services team has been recognised for their exceptional contribution to healthcare innovation.  

This accolade, the 'Award for Excellence in Innovation in Health Care Industries', underscores our commitment to pioneering advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

Why This Award Matters

For us at Sleep Clinic Services, this award recognises our commitment to making sleep health care accessible, effective, and tailored to each individual's needs.  The award demonstrates that our commitment to the patient's success leads to our own. 

Our approach is simple but powerful:  we deliver the sleep study to your home, where you're most comfortable and likely to sleep typically.  This way, we ensure that our diagnosis is as accurate as possible without the need for you to leave the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.  

Leading the Way in Sleep Apnea Treatment

We don’t just diagnose; we care deeply about effective and sustainable treatment for sleep apnea.  By personalising each treatment plan, we focus on long-term success and measurably improved quality of life.  

Our commitment to care and service has always driven us, but this award motivates us to push even further, ensuring that our patients can Sleep Easy knowing they're in capable hands.

Our Core Values:  Service, Care, Success

Our values are the pillars of our practice and are at the heart of our success:

Our aim is to exceed expectations with stellar service that ensures all your needs are met, guiding you through every step of your journey towards better sleep. 

Our patient-first approach means we listen, we understand, and we cater to your individual health needs with empathy and expertise.

We measure our success by the life-changing outcomes our patients experience, striving for nothing less than transformative results.

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Receiving this Stevie Award is a moment of pride for all of us here, and a reminder of the impact we aim to have on the lives of those dealing with sleep apnea across Australia.  For anyone struggling with sleep-related issues or sleep apnea, Sleep Clinic Services is here to ensure that you can always Sleep Easy. 

Reach out to us to learn more about how our award-winning services can help you or your loved ones.

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