Sleep Apnea Clinic CBD Brisbane

Tue, Jun 05, 2012

A sleep apnea clinic in CBD Brisbane does not currently exist in a physical form.  But an equivalent, cheaper and more convenient options is available instead.

Sleep Clinic Services provides an effective alternative to sleep apnea clinics in the Brisbane CBD by delivering diagnostic sleep studies and prescribed treatments in the comfort and privacy of the patient's home.  Instead of needing to rush from the office to get to an appointment, or spending a night in a hospital-based sleep lab environment, you can now have the study done at a time and place of your choosing.

One of our sleep therapy nurses will visit you whenever and where ever is convenient.  (Later in the day at home is obviously best).  She will fit you with the diagnostic recorder, or show you how to fit it yourself later.

You then just have a normal night.  Eat what you'd normally eat.  Drink as much as you'd normally drink.  Go to bed when you'd normally do so.

This 'natural preliminary' plus the comfort of your own bed and pillow usually results in a much more representative/typical night's sleep ... which is the ideal data for the sleep scientists and sleep physicians to consider.  The unnatural environment of a sleep apnea cinic can radically change your sleep patterns. 

While you're sleeping, the diagnostic recorder will monitor your brain activity, your heart activity, your blood oxygen levels, your breathing patterns and any stoppages, your limb movement, your body position ... and much more. 

The next morning when we collect the recorder we will download the data and a sleep scientist and independent specialist sleep physician will carefully review all of the recorded information.  Their findings, including a diagnosis of any condition and recommendations on treatment, will normally be in your hands within a fortnight.  A copy of the sleep study report will typically also be provided to your GP (subject to your permission, of course).

If treatment is required, this can also be done in your own home, usually by the nurse who first looked after you.

Sleep apnea clinics in CBD Brisbane don't exist ... but with this in-home sleep study option, you don't need one.  If you think you have a sleep disorder, just call 1300 246 637 for a free, no-obligation chat with a friendly sleep therapist -- or visit our Contact page.