Sleep Studies Now Available Around Queensland

Wed, Jul 25, 2012

'In Home' diagnostic sleep studies (polysomnograms) are now available around Queensland and Northern NSW, including in small regional centres.  These in home sleep studies represent a welcome change to the requirement for an overnight stay in a hospital-based sleep study unit. 

The in-home sleep studies are performed with state-of-the-art 10 channel portable diagnostic recorders (not mere screening devices).  These recorders monitor blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns, snoring and breathing stoppages, cardiac activity, brain activity, sleep position, limb movement and much more.  For qualifying patients, the full cost of the diagnostic study is covered by Medicare.

A small out of pocket expense applies, to cover the cost of delivery and collection of the diagnostic recorder, data download, refurbishment of equipment, etc.  This out of pocket expense is significantly less than the cost of travelling to and/or staying in a hospital based sleep lab. 

The in-home sleep study recorder offers the special benefit of being worn overnight in the comfort and privacy of your own home, ensuring a more typical night's sleep. 

The recorded data is downloaded the next morning and sent to an independent specialist sleep physician who will analyse the data and report on the findings.  Where appropriate, they will also prescribe an appropriate form of treatment -- typically oral appliance therapy for less serious conditions or continuous positive airway pressurisation (CPAP) for more serious conditions. 

In either case, we can then provide the appropriate treatment, or an introduction to an expert specialist who can help. 

Getting a diagnostic sleep study has never been easier, so if you snore or know someone who does, contact us on 1300 246 637 or click the button below to make an online enquiry.  

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