Snoring: A Loud Clear Signal

Thu, Sep 30, 2010

Snoring is common.  But it certainly isn’t normal, and it certainly isn’t good for you. 

Think about it:  if you saw someone awake and breathing like a snorer does, you’d think they were in need of medical attention.  Yet when we see a person breathing like that while they’re asleep, we think it’s just an embarassing or irritating noise. 

Snoring is common, but not normal.Crazy.  Any rational consideration of the matter must conclude that sleep is the WORST time to be breathing like that.

The simple fact is that snoring is a LOUD SIGNAL that your airflow is obviously impaired.  The noise of snoring is CAUSED by the air being dragged into the body against impeding tissue.  That means your body must work harder to breathe and/or your body gets less airflow (i.e., oxygen) than it properly needs.

There is now no doubt that snoring is itself a serious ‘sleep disordered breathing’ condition.  Thankfully it isn’t as nasty as sleep apnoea … but in most cases, a person who snores will soon enough become an apnoea sufferer.  Why wait until you’re ‘really sick’ before getting treatment?  It is always best to commence treatment as soon as possible — and thus minimise the impact of any condition, while reducing the likelihood of the condition worsening.

If you snore or know someone who does, seek treatment.  At the very least, arrange to have a polysomnogram (diagnostic sleep study) done to determine the true severity of the condition.  

Medicare and health insurance rebates cover many of the costs.

For more information, call your local Accredited Sleep Therapy Clinic on 1300 246 637.