What Women Want...

Sun, Dec 19, 2010

Not diamonds, apparently. 

According to a recent British survey, the two most important things are ‘being married’ and ‘getting enough sleep’.  Unfortunately, in relationships where one or both partners snore, quality sleep and happy relationships are not all that common.

Snoring is the main reason why women don’t get enough sleep, according to Jenny Hislop, an Australian sociologist working at Keele University in Britain.  

Dr Hislop’s research shows almost a third of women in their 50s report snoring-related sleep disruption three or more nights a week.   Women in their 40s and 50s average 6 1/2 hours of sleep for every eight hours in bed, according to this research.

All those disturbed nights lead to some very grumpy, sleep-deprived people — and that can lead to the breakdown of the marital relationship.  Catch 22!

So unnecessary, when effective and affordable treatments are readily available.