Accupressure Treatment For Snoring?

Fri, Feb 25, 2011

A recent emailer advised they had gained relief from their snoring by wearing an ‘anti snoring pinky ring’.  Apparently the ring applies pressure to and acupuncture / acupressure point … and voila!  No more snoring!

Unfortunately there is absolutely no research (or medical / biological explanation) which goes close to explaining how pressure on a finger (or wrist or anywhere else) could keep excessive or floppy tissue in the upper airway from vibrating as air flows over it, or collapsing altogether in the case of apnoea sufferers. 

If proper diagnostic studies confirm the effectiveness of the rings, we will happily include them in our range of treatments.  So far we’ve received only anecdotal evidence and subjective feedback.

If anyone has had any experience with similar solutions, please let us know about it.  We have offerered to perform full polysomnograms (diagnostic sleep studies) for satisfied customers of the ring merchants — but so far they haven’t taken advantage of the offer.