Snoring, Statistics & Solutions

Fri, Jul 13, 2012

A well written article in The Scotsman provides a comprehensive summary of the prevalence and common effects of snoring, with particular reference to its impact on relationships. 

According to the article, 48 per cent of snorers believed snoring had adversely affected their relationship with their partners with 10 per cent admitting they have considered living separately or splitting up because of the problem.  

The article also looks at some of the most commonly available treatments for snoring — from surgical intervention to over-the-counter remedies — with some reviews of different snoring remedies at the end of the article.

A weak point in the article is that it does not point out the common connection between snoring and sleep apnoea.  As discussed in our recent post, “Why Sleep Studies Are Necessary Before Treating Snoring“, a significant proportion of snorers are actually exhibiting a symptom of the more serious underlying condition.