Snoring Cures On "What's Good For You" TV Show

Wed, Mar 23, 2011

The Logie award winning health-affairs TV show ‘What’s Good For You’ last night featured a story on snoring and various cures for it. 

Good on them!  As the reporter said, “Most mornings, Gavin’s blissfully unaware he’s ruined Marie’s night. But what Gavin doesn’t realise — like all chronic snorers, he’s also ruining his health.

“If this is happening many times a night, over years, that hardens the arteries and narrows them and causes the increased risk of a heart attack and stroke,” says ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Sam Robinson.”

By its nature the show is not into detailed and scientific assessment – but the report was reasonably well balanced.  For the purpose of the test, snorers tried a variety of different treatments including nasal sprays, nasal strips and anti-snoring collars, as well as two professionally prepared treatments (an oral appliance and a constant positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine) and the results were objectively measured with a formal polysomnogram (sleep study).  This study measures brain activity, cardiac activity, levels of sleep, breathing patterns, breathing stoppages, duration of these stoppages, limb movement, blood oxygen levels … and much more.

Not surprisingly, the ‘do it yourself’ solutions were found to be ineffective – with some actually making the snorer’s condition worse.  Only the oral appliance therapy and CPAP delivered results which were found to be worthwhile.

Interestingly, the oral appliance did not deliver a complete solution — suggesting the patient was not suited to that form of therapy, or more likely, the appliance was made by someone who is not expert and properly equipped.  The team, procedures and technology used in The Sleep Therapy Clinics mean that the effectiveness of treatment can be confidently predicted before commencing – so there is no reason why a properly fitted oral appliance should not deliver an excellent result.