It's Only Snoring!

Fri, Jun 03, 2011

Snoring might be common, but it is NOT normal.  Snoring is NOT something you should ignore. The simple fact of the matter is that snoring is a loud, clear signal that the airflow is impaired.  There is no worse time for this to be happening than when the patient is asleep and consequently unaware of it.

What Would You Do If You Saw Someone Snoring While Awake?

Think seriously about this:  If you saw someone who was conscious and awake, yet they were breathing like a snorer does ... you'd immediately think something was wrong.  Yet when we see a person breathing like a snoring while asleep, we tend to ignore it.

Sheer folly.  Healthy sleepers do not snore.  Healthy breathers do not snore.  If you snore, or know someone who does, seek help to determine the cause, nature and severity of the condition.  More often than not, serious and habitual snoring is actually a sign of a more serious underlying sleep disorder, such as sleep apnoea (where the patient literally stops breathing while asleep), 

Snoring is SERIOUS.  Treat it, don't tolerate it.  The difference it will make to your energy levels, metabolism, cognitive functions and much more are simply phenomenal -- and best of all, most of the cost of getting a diagnostic sleep study is covered by medicare. 

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