Patient Feedback On CPAP

Tue, Aug 23, 2011

It was a delight to receive the following message from Carl Villari today.  Carl has been suffering from sleep apnoea over the past few years and we've been involved in his treatment over that time.  For people wondering whether they should do something about their own or a loved one's sleep disorder, read this:

"After many years of feeling tired all the time and keeping my partner awake with my snoring, I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 2005. I purchased a mouth-guard device through the Sleep Therapy Clinic.

Although this device assisted with my condition, my partner still complained that I was snoring at various times, and I still felt tired during the day.

In 2010, under the guidance of Robyn Fowler at the Sleep Therapy Clinic, I decided to upgrade to a CPAP machine.  This was great advice, as ever since I started using the CPAP machine, I don’t snore at all when I am wearing it, and I feel much healthier and full of energy. My relationship with my partner has improved, as she no longer feels the urge to kick me during the night! She sleeps much better without me interrupting her with my snoring. Also, we travel together quite frequently, and the machine is very mobile and easy to take with us in its purpose-built travel case.

Over the past 18 months, any time I have had queries or issues with my machine, Robyn has provided fantastic follow up service with prompt and reliable information provided with a smile. She has also gone the extra mile on a number of occasions, by hand delivering a temporary machine for my use whilst my machine was getting serviced, and analyzing the results of my sleeping patterns on a regular basis.

Overall, now that I have the CPAP in my life, I couldn’t live without it (or Robyn!!!)"

Thanks, Carl, for taking the time to write -- and thanks for giving us your approval to show your comments to other patients and potential patients.