CPAP Treatment More Comfortable Than Ever

Fri, Nov 18, 2011

CPAP treatment is considered the 'gold standard' for the treatment of serious sleep disordered breathing (SDB) conditions, such as moderate to severe sleep apnoea. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by patients and CPAP treatment providers is that the CPAP mask and connnected tubing can be uncomfortable to sleep with, leading to low 'compliance' rates.  That is, the patient wears the CPAP system for only a short period each night or, worse still, stops wearing the equipment entirely. 

This, of course, means the patient's apnoea goes completely untreated.

CPAP treatment set to become more comfortable

But there may be some good news in store.  A recent press release from Circadiance, an American manufacturer of respiratory products for people with sleep disordered breathing conditions, states that the company is introducing a CPAP mask tube "so lightweight and flexible, that CPAP users will hardly know it's there".

CPAP treatment is highly effective, but many
patients find it uncomfortable.  New masks and tubing materials may solve this problem

According to the release, the new SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube is a 15-millimeter hose composed of revolutionary, lightweight material that reduces the weight at the mask connection point.  The manufacturers claim this makes the hose less likely to pull and disrupt the seal. The new tube also extends the hose length by 1.5 feet.

Ron Mahofski, the Director of Engineering at Circadience said "Our new hose is lighter and more flexible than standard CPAP hoses.  It also includes smaller lightweight connectors, which reduce the pull between the hose and the mask."

Also, unlike many other CPAP hoses, the SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube claims to have  the ability to stretch, providing a more forgiving connection to CPAP devices. It can also be used as a quick release.

"These features give users the full benefit of CPAP therapy so they can enjoy a deep, restorative sleep," says Mahofski.

Launching in November 2011, the new tube is designed to fit any CPAP mask with a 22-millimeter connection.  Further information can be found at

CPAP treatment is advancing in leaps and bounds, with better pumps, masks, tubing, humidification systems and other accessories coming on to the market each day.  If you found this post interesting, please leave a comment or share the information by hitting the buttons above the article.