CPAP Therapy: How To Get Through The First Night of CPAP Therapy

Fri, May 04, 2018

87-1243112379AbeTIf you’re about to use a CPAP machine then you’re probably suffering from a sleep breathing disorder called Sleep Apnoea.

A condition that affects a person’s ability to breathe while sleeping. Undergoing CPAP Therapy for the first time can be a very exciting yet scary experience, especially if you’re not sure about what to do. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get through your first night of CPAP Therapy without any hassle.



What Do I Need To Do?

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to set up your new CPAP Machine in a reachable and stable place. Make sure that a power source is nearby the machine and that the tubes can reach you while you’re in bed. It also important to keep curtains, beddings, pillows, or anything that may block the machine out of the way.

After setting the machine properly, you’re now prepared to start your CPAP treatment. But do keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different and that goes the same for you too.

First thing first, keep your expectations low. You’re not going to have the best sleep of your life once you start the treatment. Matter of fact, you may not get any sleep at all during the first night of using your machine. And that’s perfectly normal and understandable because its hard to sleep with a CPAP mask attached to your face.

But don’t give up on the treatment just yet, it will get better as you progress with your CPAP therapy.


Here are a few tips to help you adjust quickly to your CPAP machine:



  • Practise wearing your CPAP mask during the day.

By doing this, you’ll be able to adjust comfortably with your CPAP mask which will definitely help you experience a good night’s sleep. Try putting the mask on while watching TV or reading a book.

  • Try to follow a bedtime routine.

It will be easier to fall asleep when you follow a bedtime routine. Your body will be able to ready itself for sleep and before you know it you wouldn’t even notice that you’re wearing a CPAP mask.

  • Get into a comfortable position in bed.

It might be quite hard to get into a comfortable position especially if there’s a mask attached to your face. But if you practised wearing the mask during the day, it’s definitely possible.


  • Keep your mouth closed.

If you’re wearing a nasal mask, it’s important to keep your mouth closed at all times so that the air pressure wouldn’t escape out of the mask. But if you’re using a full-face mask, it’s perfectly fine to either breathe through your mouth or nose.


Feeling restless during your first night with CPAP Therapy is perfectly normal. So don’t worry, for your body will get used to it in no time as long you don’t skip your CPAP treatment.

If you’re still having difficulty adjusting to your CPAP Therapy, contact your sleep therapist today and ask for advice on how to sleep better with CPAP.