CPAP Supplies: How Often Should You Replace CPAP supplies?

Fri, Jun 29, 2018


Did you know that maintaining the health of your CPAP unit should be considered an important part of your personal sleep health regime? In fact, regular maintenance combined with replacing consumables in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations is vital to attaining optimal sleep health results and preserving the longevity of your CPAP unit.

Failure to regularly maintain your CPAP unit and consumables can have a negative impact on your treatment and health. 

Follow this quick guide to help understand when you should replace parts. Please confirm with your manufacturer.

When Should You Change Your CPAP Supplies:



If you notice a drastic change of results in your CPAP therapy, you probably need to change your CPAP mask.

You need to change your CPAP mask if:

  • The CPAP mask’s seal is not as strong and clean as it used to be.
  • You’re waking up with a dry mouth.

Best time to change your CPAP mask: Every 6 months


2.   CPAP Cushions

The soft part of the mask that touches your face is called the CPAP cushion. The thing about CPAP cushions is that it gets worn down easily and not changing it meant risking the success rate of your CPAP therapy.

Life expectancy of your CPAP cushions depends on how often you:

  • Clean your machine
  • Use your machine
  • Use skin oils and etc. on your face
  • Expose it to direct sunlight

 Best time to change your CPAP cushions: Every month


 3. CPAP Headgear

Your CPAP headgear helps to ensure your CPAP therapy by preventing prescribed air pressure from leaking out of your mask.

You need to change your CPAP headgear if:

  • The CPAP headgear feels lose and weak.
  • Wearing your CPAP mask feels uncomfortable
  • You keep tightening your mask
  • You have indents in your face caused by your mask

Best time to change your CPAP headgear: Every 6 months.


4.  CPAP Mask Tubing

The CPAP mask tube is in charge of transferring the prescribed air pressure for your CPAP therapy.

You need to change your CPAP mask tubing if:

  • There are small holes in the tube
  • The tube has tears of dirt

Best time to change your CPAP mask tubing: Every 3 months.


5.  CPAP Machine Air Filter

The CPAP machine air filters are responsible for purifying the air you’re breathing. Changing the air filter in your CPAP machine is an easy and inexpensive process that you shouldn’t skip.

Leaving the filter unattended can expose you to the following:

  • Bacteria
  • Mould
  • Airborne Particles

Best time to change your CPAP machine air filter: Every 14 days


6.  CPAP Humidifier Water Chamber

You need to change your CPAP mask tubing if:

  • The humidifier water chamber has discoloured
  • You notice cracks in the water chamber caused by using tap water

Best time to change your CPAP machine air filter: Every 6 months.


7.  CPAP Machine

Your CPAP machine is the main body of your CPAP therapy and not being able to use it properly can cause great consequences to your health.

Getting a backup machine is always something you should consider. So that when something happens to your machine, you wouldn’t be forced to skip your CPAP therapy and risk your health.

Best time to change your CPAP machine: At least every 5 years


CPAP therapy can do wonders for your snoring and sleep apnea problem. But if you’re just merely using your machine for the sake of treatment, it wouldn’t suffice.

There’s no point in continuing your CPAP therapy if you’re prolonging the replacement of your CPAP supplies. Having supplies that are in their most tip-top shape is your responsibility. And it’s something that you should keep in mind at all times.

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