New CPAP technology for 2018

Thu, Jan 18, 2018

Fisher & Paykel's SleepStyle™ CPAP unit Finally, a radical change in CPAP technology that makes sleep apnoea home treatment easier and more comfortable than ever before. Simon McDonald, Fisher & Paykel’s State Manager for Sleep Apnoea and Homecare Division, gave us the details on recent advances in CPAP machines for 2018.

“CPAP is such a big imposition on someone’s life,” says Simon. “The biggest challenge is making that impact as smooth as possible.” When it comes to remedies to stop snoring, Fisher & Paykel is all about freedom and simplicity, and their latest CPAP unit SleepStyle™ embodies that ethos.

“It's been nearly six years in the making,” says Simon, “and it's got some wonderful new features. One of them is being the addition of expiratory release.”

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