Sleeping Tips: Help Your Kids Sleep Better During The Holidays

Mon, Apr 02, 2018

Maintaining a regular bedtime routine for your kid can be quite hard especially during the holidays. There’s just so much to do and your kid is just too excited to them all. Whether it’s eating sweets, catching up with family members, traveling, or playing all-day long.

They’re too caught up having fun and when bedtime finally comes, you now have a cranky child on your hands. 

To help you maintain your child’s bedtime routine, here are five simple ways to get your kids to sleep better over the holidays:

 pexels-photo-8605381. Settle Down For Bedtime

If it’s already night time and your kid is still hyped up as ever, help them settle down for bedtime by putting them to bed earlier.

Cut down their sugar intake, help them put their toys away, have a warm bath, dim the lights of the room and help them go to sleep by either reading them a bedtime story or turning off all their gadgets.



2. Be Consistent alarm-clock-2116008_960_720

No matter what holiday it is, it’s better to be consistent regarding your child’s sleep schedule.

Although it’ll be quite hard during the holidays, it’ll be better for you and your kid to stick to help them stick to their usual bedtime routine.

If they’re used to being put to bed right after dinner, try to implement that rule.

If you’re traveling, try to help them fall asleep by Bringing along their favorite blanket or stuff toy, so you wouldn’t have a problem tending to a hyped-up kid at midnight.


pexels-photo-1015233. Don’t Allow Sleeping In

 Although you had a long and tiring the night before, letting your child sleep in the next morning is not a good idea.

Allowing your child to sleep in for more than half an hour can cause mood swings and tiredness during the day.

Plus they’ll have a hard time waking up at an early hour when school starts again.


Although the holidays can be really exciting and fun especially for your kids, having trouble sleeping is still a problem that can occur. It’s better to look out for you and your kids sleep health. If you’re still struggling with sleep during the holidays, here are more sleeping tips to help you.