Tips on How to Tell Your Partner About  Their Snoring Problem

Mon, Mar 12, 2018

white-1822497_960_720.jpgWhen your partner snores too loud, it usually meant a bad night for you.

A snoring problem not only results in a sleeping problem, it also causes tiredness,  frustration, resentment, and eventually a strain between you and your partner.

If the snoring problem is just too bad and it’s causing you to sleep in another room, or even get injured, it’s time to seek help. Snoring isn’t a matter that should be ignored and it’s time to finally tell your partner about it.

Telling your partner about their snoring problem can be quite a tricky situation.

If you’ve already tried encouraging your partner to do something about their snoring problem in the past, you might feel like giving up by never discussing it again, or by either sleeping in another room, or just by accepting the fact that you’ll never experience a good night’s sleep in your life ever again.

Sleep is important for all of us, You don’t have to avoid your partner because of their snoring problem nor you should also risk your sleep health because of it.

Your sleep health is something that you should prioritise no matter what age or relationship you’re in.


Is timing important?man-in-shirt-checking-time_23-2147650974.jpg

When it comes to serious conditions like snoring and sleep apnoea the timing is not important.

You don’t need to wait for the right time to discuss your partner’s health and well-being.

It’s important for your partner to seek medical help or book an in-home sleep study immediately.


What should I say?

If you’re like most people in this situation you’ve probably already tried to discuss the importance of having a sleep study with your partner.

Instead of going over and over abour the benefits of an in-home sleep study,try offering a solution like suggesting to sleep in another room or by asking your partner for ideas or suggestions to deal with the problem together.


content-people-clinking-with-glasses-in-cafe_23-2147735749.jpgIt’s all about location

Where you say it can also have a great impact on both your response to the issue.

Try going out for a walk or even a date.

You’ll both be in good moods and there’ll be no interruptions or an argument.


Responding to excuses

Try to understand and find the real reason behind your partner’s excuses. These excuses often come from the fear of finding out what the result really is.

Try building up your partner’s self-esteem and self-determination by understanding and respecting their feelings.

Because at the end of the day it’s not up to you make a decision and put an end to their snoring or sleep apnoea, it’s up to them.  


Moving forward

Fixing your partner’s snoring problem not only leads to a better and peaceful sleep for the both of you but it can also improve your relationship with each other.


When your partner is ready to take a step for a better sleep health, try our free Sleep Self Assessment Questionnaire and find out what is the real reason behind your partner’s snoring.