Sleep Studies In The Melbourne Region

Now you can get a full diagnostic sleep study in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home, anywhere in the greater Melbourne area.

There are multiple excellent hospitals and clinics around Melbourne where first-class polysomnograms (diagnostic sleep studies) can be done.  But they all require an overnight stay in a hospital or clinical environment.  That means a different mattress and pillow, plus all sorts of different sounds and smells, etc.

A strange environment like this often makes it difficult for people to sleep and this affects diagnostic results.  Many sleep studies have to be repeated because patients cannot sleep while being observed by a technician.

At Sleep Clinic Services we believe the best place to determine how you typically sleep is where you typically sleep.  So we provide diagnostic sleep studies in your home, anywhere in the Melbourne metro area.

Having A Sleep Apnea Test Done in MelbourneSleep Study with caption

Sleep Clinic Services has been serving the whole of Australia for over a decade, from capital cities to mining camps and remote rural properties.  We cover the greater Melbourne metro area, from Craigieburn in the north to Sorrento in the south,  Emerald in the east and Werribee in the west.

The process is simple with our portable and easy-to-use diagnostic equipment. This delivers a true polysomnogram (diagnostic sleep study), not just a screening. It monitors:

  • Your heart and brain activity
  • The level of oxygen in your blood (which plummets during some sleep events)
  • The number and duration of any pauses in your breathing
  • Sleeping positions, arm and leg movements, and more.

Help is available on call during the evenings if you have any challenges.

Is A Home Based Sleep Study Right For Me?sleep couple no caption

Some sleep studies must be done in a hospital/clinical environment. Children, people with complex conditions and those with disabilities are normally better off having their sleep study done where there are technicians on hand to assist if required. But for most, modern home-based diagnostic sleep studies deliver virtually the same diagnostic results. 

Call us and we’ll help you work out which is best for you.

Over the past decade, Sleep Clinic Services has been Australia's leading provider of telehealth consultations, diagnostics and treatment for sleep disordered breathing (SDB).

Getting a Sleep Study  in Melbourne Has Never Been Easier

Take the fuss and headache out of finding a sleep clinic and get a home sleep study.  No preliminary visits are required because Sleep Clinic Services performs the necessary screening for FREE over the phone.  And you won't have to travel for diagnostic equipment because we'll deliver it to you, on a date of your choice.  

Generous Medicare contributions are available for eligible patients, we can check this for you if you wish.

Wherever you are in the greater Melbourne region, you can have a sleep study done without leaving your home. 

Call now and speak to one of our friendly Care Coordinators. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and help with anything you need.  

Give us a call today on 1300 246 637.

Does Medicare help with a home-based sleep study?
Yes, a generous contribution is available for eligible patients, we'll do a free eligibility check when you call us.
How much does it cost?

The cost of your home-based diagnostic sleep study depends on where you are located and whether you are eligible for a Medicare contribution. 

The out of pocket expense is very affordable. It is usually far cheaper than the travel time, parking, consultation and other fees associated with other sleep study providers.

How long do I have to wait?
A key benefit of home-based sleep studies is that they can be done faster than a sleep clinic. While waiting lists for hospital-based studies are up to two years in some places in Australia.  With us, you can normally have it done in a week.
Why should I choose you?
We have been helping Australians for over a decade and we are Australia's highest Google-rated sleep study provider,  We are preferred supplier to the Royal Flying Doctor Service; we've been accredited as training providers for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; and many leading companies choose us for sleep tests and treatments associated with the health and safety of their employees.  You can count on us to look after you too.
What if I need help when I'm doing my sleep study?

The setup is simple and the video instructions make it easy for you to use.

Help is available after hours if you need it. You can call your designated Sleep Therapist if you face any challenges.

How do I get started?
Give us a call on 1300 246 637 and we'll explain the process, answer all your questions and get you one step closer to getting your home sleep study in Melbourne.


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